What a Bitchin Story


 Bitchin’ Hearts Organic Pet Hemp Oil

Bitchin’ Hearts is dedicated to the incomparable bond between man and dog. Our signature calming formula helps relieve anxiety, reduce indigestion, and improve the overall health and happiness of man’s best friend.

Our Back Story

I met AJ in middle school and we quickly became best friends. We both shared a passion for adventure such as rock climbing, snowboarding, dirt biking, and so much more. We were addicted to that adrenaline rush! 

However, AJ struggled with his addictive personality, especially after leaving the marines. Although he landed a job in the specialty pet food industry, he found the transition difficult and checked into a rehabilitation center. After rehab, AJ rescued Gunner*, a Pitbull-mix puppy who was only days away from being euthanized. Gunner served as a motivator for AJ, and inspired us to create the original concept of Bitchin’ Hearts - dog treats made from the heart. The project came to a standstill as we struggled with product refinement and funding. It seemed we were a little early with our vision.

A couple of years passed, during which, AJ was hopping from one job to the other; he stayed focussed on specialty pet products but he just couldn’t seem to find his footing. This pushed him to seek professional help. Sadly, after spending six months of sober living in rehab, AJ took his own life. 

Eighteen months after his shock passing, I wanted to revive the brand we created together in honor of AJ.  With the help of time and technology, I am proud to announce the successful launch of ‘our’ project. 

Bitchin’ Hearts is a reflection of the impact AJ had on everyone he came into contact with.

*Today, Gunner is happy and healthy as AJ’s family continues to take care of him.

Our Purpose

Bitchin’ Hearts is proud to support the following organizations: Shelter to Soldier, It’s the Pits, and NAMI. Each reflects an important aspect of AJ and Gunner’s story:

Shelter to Soldier is a nonprofit that adopts and trains dogs to help support veterans. Although Gunner was not a service dog, he emotionally supported AJ, especially when AJ was fighting his mental illness. 

It’s the Pits is a dog shelter for American Pitbull Terriers, which are one of the most misunderstood and abused breeds in America. Because Gunner is a Pitbull-mix, it was important to find an organization that focuses on finding the perfect match between Pitbull and its owner. Thankfully, Bitchin’ Hearts’ hemp formula reduces anxiety, which inturn, will help more Pitbulls find safe homes.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) educates, listens, and advocates for mental health. After AJ’s passing, I researched a lot about mental health. In retrospect, I believe I could've helped AJ with his depression had I known what to look for. This organization helps more people understand and support people, like AJ, with mental illness.

A Note for AJ

This one's for you AJ. I wish you were here, but I know you’re looking down on Gunner and me right now, grinning because it was all part of his plan.